Denver Home Improvement

Home ownership in Denver is electrifying, but you’ll likely notice some necessary DIY projects soon after moving in.

The good news is, with so many great local Denver home improvement stores, you can fix a lot of these issues on your own. Becoming a DIY expert takes time, one project at a time, so don’t take on too much at once.

Typical Denver Home Maintenance Projects & Tools

  • Gutter extensions – Make sure your gutters move water at least several feet away from your foundation.
  • Backfill around your home – Ensure that you have a slight grade of earth moving down and away from your home’s exterior walls to protect your homes foundation.
  • General plumbing – Acquire a home tool set to help you with general plumbing around the house.
  • Painting – If your home needs painting upon purchase (or when selling), grab some paint swatches from your local hardware store and decide on colors that fit your style (or a style that your target buyer would like if you’re selling).
  • Landscaping – Most landscaping projects can be achieved via simple tools available at your local hardware store. Some necessities for Denver include:
    • Sprinklers – a hose sprinkler will work well if you don’t have an in-ground system. It’s dry in Denver and you want to keep your grass green.
    • Lawn Mower – Grass grows slow enough during the summer months in Denver that you can get away with a reel mower with a small yard.
    • Weed Wacker – Many local Denver homes have privacy fences, and you’ll need a weed wacker to trim grass along your fence.
    • Hedge Trimmer – Keep your home’s foliage looking sharp by trimming your hedges
    • Blower – If you don’t own a mulching mower, or a bag mower, you’ll need a blower to keep your grass of the sidewalks.
  • Snow shovel/snow blower – Denver gets loads of snow during the winter months. If you have a lot of sidewalk space, you’ll be better off with a snow blower; otherwise, a typical snow shovel will suffice.

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